30 September 2009


He is not as he seems
bright dependable
he is

Selfish full of youthful glee humor
maybe shards of projection
his darkness is real you

See this clearly
all the sand pushed
around like a retaining wall

Quick fire cut off
erasing everything
while the child dreams

Of future
failures sees

Sour embarrassing color
sun dashes behind a cloud
listens for an amber tongue

He knows its true knows its true
Knows someone brings something
if you wait for that perfect wave

Knows the satisfying knock
that looses the trophy out of your
into his tiny pink hands sparkling

Over the long eventually repeating
line each passing minute
a new angle for admiration

Until the quiet night
the heavy heave
moon sick with labor

In the salty light
on his hands & knees
maybe laughing

With his shoulders
bright, dependable
full of youthful glee.

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