23 September 2009

For My Daughter

Imperfect mythologies
swallow studied now bitter
sweet waves from where

Gone missing Dante's crunch
no accounting footprints in ash or
Chaucer his village

Proletariat and idiots beating
rice paddies thigh high
water syrupy with snakes

Jain my daughter
her child Maude
just fallen

Out of style again
in a chrome stroller
Jain of no command

Wishes many things
misses her father
will she know

The Jews cover their heads
the rich eclipse their eyes
I wore a circle on a chain

Rippling musculature black
rivers crashbang cheekbones
I wore a circle on a chain

Broadcast 9mm DAO
isolation blue hirsute
sea moss a society of

& afloat on a slither
bullets ripple unrung
what wild purple figs

Everything is out of sequence
i have made the world this way for

Are my
my god

Daughter gone now lost
to her own precious only
biology etymology tautology

History Grand Daughter
no traceable sniff no sugar
the R from 53rd Street to White Hall

My own enjambment bored
beating endstops.

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