22 October 2009

unfinished: given that it is morning

given that it is morning
certain chores must get done
forget the teeth the spare skin
littering the livingroom's floor

first you must jump the puddledull
sing alive the lights and have a look
at yourself deeply brightly
dark with adjectives the mirror is well

unlock the door kindly beg each deer escape
and one by one spy their fur for stolen brushes
pilfered digging hands you recognize the one you
miss leaping through the plate glass door

as much from the puddlesharp reflecting
what crushes scratch rolls across the AM sky

( unfinished and entombed: from 8/6/2009 )

20 October 2009


"Those he command move only in command,
nothing in love: now does he feel his title
hang loose about him like a giant's robe
upon a dwarfish thief."
[Shakespeare's Macbeth, Angus. A5S2.]

Dreaming in pictures
television tongue-cut
a black man, strong black
man guts the air with fingertips
paints each hungry leaf an icy blues
something crawls behind his ear
like a cricket chirping with intent
inhales through teeth
lets pass
two beats
into the too cold room the creep
a stench runs past his feet
couch, tv, used books bought cheap

The simmer eyewild Jayson sees:
red tricycle, white wheels gentle
tipped on its side hangs in the honeyed sky
Jayson dreaming dreams and the kudzu climbs

Hand-me-down Sony stereo wet
grinning bug darts behind an airless blade
sliding colors stir by the pricking of thumbs
Jayson wonders what beast he'll now become

Beyond defeat lay no living disgrace:

But we know, we know Jayson drowns
that room stomps out that bug turns
the volume up Real Loud and hummmms
along to whatever stirring noise, just for fun

Oh Jayson, just for fun!

of blood

sorry for what you've become
while you were sleeping i fell in love
it didn't take long, i know
maybe i think i could be wrong

gypsy handed rush of blood
ruby-eyes crush juvenile love
desire wet dependence, addiction addled remorse
soul's resolved divorce transfixed as she drifts off.

15 October 2009

Canova & Venus

Comfort or quiet
nothing echoes when
the windows let up their gaze
snow falling somewhere, breath inside
soon a child's steel will freeze
no thing can satisfy me no
you will never be enough, mollify.

I walk beyond seasons all the glass
surrounding the lattice

I am the windows are not quiet
storming, their work is tempered by chariot fire
by mythic largess by greed by

I though afraid as I am of comfort
or quiet or you or the deep polish
of window panes I choose I choose

Together we conspire
the hard wet world
strapped into his claws
or that pours her sweet apple
pearl rolling down his flaying edge
(cloud or breath the shape of digging
smaller till the brutes' stomach fills
no more the sugar of syrup
no matter the salted reflective cast.

05 October 2009

no throttle

... discourse into the vein
but how in? the image
rides or bursts like a bust
of Ludwig Van dropped
from the super-story sky scraper
passion lines wheezing behind
or or or mashes across viscus
pink micrometer slugging
wrinkle above her crying eye

i'm not describing the image
to spite what i've said of course
this is love then again swirling
and red and rushed and swinging

i'll come back in time
in time
to spite what pains of before.

01 October 2009

Battles #1

Bright and burning in my pumping veins
the lonely morning before you rise
spent dreaming others' perfect names

darling, there's only you
can lip me from this edge
one memory left to toss

so I think real hard about
the time at that old house
heard teens coo 100 miles out
breaking bottles with their shoes

you always knew what to do

you touched me
you coughed
eyes cast out toward the bridge
not quite ready to push off

at the tree we both might have lost our kiss
caught beside the harbor's sinking ships
you fading like a sad ghost at my fingertips
me, I was a lost child only waiting for a gift

now it's morning and I feel stronger
think I'll stay inside a little longer

wear that silver chain you gave me loose around my neck
the cool quick medal swings across my chest

its you, only you, and you're about to come home
pearl morning light, my lips cotton to your cheek bone.