28 September 2008

Red & Inverted Converse Rose / Score the Sky

The lenses
broken, fail,
but the vision sustained
now Fire & inverted converse
cracks sanded over with practice
scan victimless vices
scan scattered screams
finally still. Converges
on apopulous
still Blood
and I remember ago
the pity
undead grace
unread paternal gaze
the middle ages wash across the sky,
swelling black hopelessly beneath
the swilling gray clouds


Drawing in the dying star
and how effective
the big & the bright
the straight lines irrelevant
& poor spelling

You must answer to the calm silence
the name your famous mother
pulled from the sand.

Adolescent lovers all-over envelope
folded & bound and mailed & failed & waiting
for the sky
to arrive
on its own terms.

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