14 September 2008

midnight-word experiment 1 & 2

the string — taught, fragile — & wrapped
fingers. Clocks lose harmony, rolling clouds
dampen the night sky,
blotter, beaten,
choke out contrast,

I fear,
this delicate tie may be the only universal
binding, no love
not desire
a simple existing

Without prescription,
the delicate timing of a knot's design &
binding  our fear —
The ascending sky, black scraping out along the wide white shapes, 
water-pigment floating &

We do not panic in the loss of our independence
Mimic beauty, our bodies riding side-by-side 


Jagged and flat on the night
& cut into there

Look now! It's what
you expected not: All Breath
and Structure. Bound in dissimilarities 
sickness.  I've turn away
Scars what i reveal
at the site of this inspection

(where cut)

& bloody
(where stitched)

not yet healed
not yet

shattered or
I've found myself, cursed,
the discovery,
so vain
so insignificant

our tired pursuit
bowed in deference
addresses the devastation
affections drip from the opened body

a perfect meter
in violence & transit

a Storm for the Stars
my hand
across your lips

no one here
implying no one
to reaffirm life,
to vandalize our truth,
blithe, boost,
no gilded angel
at the gates of dawn.

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